• Challenge

    Create a multi-brand led shopper marketing campaign that motivates shoppers to make mixed drinks part of their summer casual get togethers.

  • Insight

    Shoppers don’t feel inspired to drink spirits in summer and spirits are often only seen as drinks for high tempo occasions.
    Lack of know how and confidence around mixing drinks.
    Shoppers are on autopilot, often walking straight past spirits.

  • Idea

    The ‘call’ to get together with friends for a drink in summer comes loud and often. We gave shoppers the education, inspiration and tools they needed to answer it with a mixed drink.

  • Change

    The impact on volume growth exceeded Diageo’s benchmark target across all participating brands.
    Aztec basket data revealed new shoppers were attracted to the category.
    Significant AWOP increase in baskets containing two Diageo brands.
    Increased ranging and distribution for all participating SKUs.